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Newborn Baby Bag Checklist - L&M Boutique Australia

Are you about to become a first time Mum or just welcomed your first Baby? Congratulations! Becoming a parent is such a special and rewarding experience but also a huge learning curve. 

You want to be the best Parent you can be and give your new bundle of joy the best start to life.

First of all, You are all your Baby needs right now, and no things in the world matter more than your Love and Presence. There are so many social expectations and standards in todays world that it can become both overwhelming and stressful to stay on top of. You will establish your own unique way of caring for your baby, so your Checklist may differ from the ones you find online. 

milana nappy bag lm boutiqueHaving a Nappy Bag packed and ready to go with all the essentials that you and baby may need can be a real game changer, especially in the first few months and well into the toddlerhood and beyond. 

A Baby Bag that can accomodate all the necessary everyday belongings and keep them organised at easy reach will make your life a little bit easier, and will take the pressure of you having to remember to bring each small essentials your baby may need on the day. Every parent whilst on an outing at some stage has experienced the drama caused by a dummy or a favourite soother that got left behind at home. 

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Simply pack all the necessities in your Changing Bag, keeping them in one space nicely organised, ready to go so you don't have to worry about leaving behind something important causing unnecessary stress for you and your baby.      


We would like to offer you a basic guide to the baby diaper bag essential content.

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Keep in mind that depending on the age of your child and whether you’re going for a short walk or on a few weeks holiday, the checklist will need to be customised to suit your circumstances and family needs. 



Diaper Bag Checklist:

- Nappies

- Wet wipes

- Tissues

- Plastic bag for dirty nappies

- Change mat

- Nappy rush cream

- Baby Bottle with expressed milk or Formula (if Bottlefeeding)

- Breast Pads and Cover Blanket (if Breastfeeding)

- Change of clothes

- Hat and sunscreen

- Feeding spoon, Bib, food pouches or jars, snacks and finger foods

- Teethers & soothers

- Dummy, dummy clip/holder, favourite toy

- Spill proof Sippy cup (for toddlers)

- First-aid kit

- Hand Sanitiser



- It is always a good idea to also bring a change of clothes for yourself accidents happen and they happen often during the first few months. 

- Pram straps are great for handsfree use.

- A small seperate Pouch for your smartphone, keys, and small valuables is also good idea to keep your belonging together at easy grab.

There are so many nappy bags on the market these days and a lot of options for you to choose from.

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Ultimately, you would want to opt for a Bag with the smart design of having appropriate amount of pockets and compartments so you don’t have to go through the entire content of you Nappy Bag just to get the dummy out, when it’s needed quickly.

Look for a Baby Bag that has designated Baby Bottle compartment with insulation. Not only it will keep the bottle at the right temperature but will also help to avoid spills by keeping the bottle upright.

Make sure your chosen Diaper Bag has sufficient storage capacity, especially if you have twins or another older child. Another important feature is the padded shoulder straps so the Bag is comfortable for you to wear when its fully packed.

And lastly, choose a Bag that will suit your Style and Personality, the one you will be able to dress up or wear casually everyday.

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