How it all started...

Inspired by the needs of a modern Women behind every Mother, L&M Boutique was founded with aesthetics, functionality and sustainability at its core. Our pieces are designed to fulfil the needs for the practical and stylish Baby Bags and Nursery Essentials allowing Parenthood, Work, Play and Travel to coexist harmoniously.

We are an Australian based and operated family run label located in Whitsundays QLD. Each order dispatched directly from our warehouse within 24hrs of order placement.  

We design Mother and Baby Accessories that will stand a test of time and will be passed from generation to generation protecting most precious memories, growing with your child from a newborn to a toddler and into adolescents and adulthood. There is absolutely no room for compromise when it comes to quality. Each piece is designed to perfection with a high dedication to quality craftsmanship, construction and innovative design, using only Premium ECO-friendly cruelty-free material.

Because You and your Baby deserve the best!

Want to know a little more…

My name is Lidiia. I am a wife, a mother of two and a founder of L&M Boutique. 
I was born and raised in Ukraine but am now very proud to call myself Australian.
Having had extensive experience working in high end fashion in Europe, I’ve always been passionate about style, design and refined luxury. It all came pouring out after arrival of my children. 
Our son Lenny was born at 23 weeks gestation weighing 601grams. It has been the scariest yet most eye opening experience. The bravery and strength Lenny displayed in NICU, fighting for a chance to be with us today is extraordinary and hard to put into words…
19 months later our daughter Milana was born at 33 weeks gestation weighing just over 2kg. She also had to prove herself in NICU and luckily she did... 
Somehow, despite the sleepless nights, through all the ups and downs and highs and lows, becoming a mother of such strong little humans empowered and inspired me to create.
That's how L&M Boutique was born.
Being able to run a company that allows me to spend time with my family while fulfilling my passion has been the greatest gift.

I hope you love our pieces as much as I do. A lot of love and hard work has been put into creating each design.

If you would like to chat about our designs or have recently had a preemie and currently going through the NICU rollercoaster - reach out! I would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for stopping by